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So How Did Nate Silver Do With His Oscar Predictions?

Of the six categories that he predicted—the six big ones, let’s be honest about it, Silver got four right. He got the girls, so to speak—both Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway sailed up on stage, with varying degrees of success, to collect their statuettes. And he nailed Daniel Day-Lewis, whose august portrayal of Lincoln was, Silver felt, the surest of sure things. And he was right for Argothe real Argo, that is—winning Best Picture. So, where did he slip up?

Ang Lee’s awards shelf will now have a second Best Director Oscar for his Life of Pi—Silver thought Spielberg’s Lincoln would win it. And Christoph Waltz, er, waltzed away with the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Django Unchained. Silver’s money was on Lincoln star Tommy Lee Jones. Still, four out of six ain’t bad. B+.

The full list is below. Did the Oscar committee dole out any surprises for you, or was it just as you thought it would be? Do tell us in the comments, please.

Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained.

Animated Short Film: Paperman.

Animated Feature Film: Brave.

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Visual Effects: Life of Pi

Costume: Anna Karenina.

7. Makeup and Hairstyling: Les Miserables

8. Live Action Short Film: Curfew

9. Documentary (short subject): Inocente

10. Documentary: Searching For Sugar Man

11. Foreign Language Film: Amour

12. Sound Mixing: Les Miserables

13. Sound Editing (TIE): Skyfall, and Zero Dark Thirty

14. Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables.

15. Editing: Argo

16. Production Design: Lincoln

17. Score: Life of Pi

18. Song: AdeleSkyfall.

19. Adapted Screenplay: Chris Terrio, Argo.

20. Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

21. Director: Ang Lee, Life of Pi

22. Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

23. Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln

24. Picture: Argo

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Facebook “Professional Profile” should be next! watch out Linkedin!

     If there’s approximately 750 million users on Facebook then they are probably mostly adults not kids! And, what adults do other than socializing? They work, build careers, network, and look for jobs! In order for facebook to capitalize on a different aspects of socializing and kick Linkedin in the B*** for trying to compete with them by introducing a live stream and other known facebook features, Facebook should introduce a new feature which is a Professional Profile. The professional profile will allow most facebook users to upload resumes and introduce themselves in a more professional way than the regular social profile, where companies can access this profile and consider the user as a job candidate.


  • For users: Each user can obtain a professional profile if facebook added that feature to be utilized by its’ users. They can upload their resume, showcase their capabilities, and highlight their achievements. Each user will have the privilege to choose between being a professional networker connecting with other professional profile users or just be a social person with friends. Once clicked on “my professional profile”,  you are in a totally different sphere of connections and possibilities! plus, friend lists can be used as a reference that can be checked by hiring companies immediately.
  • For companies: recruiters and companies can access professional profiles as well as obtain fans while at it and advertise their product or service! check references of candidates immediately and get to know them better instead of searching  different networks to get to know more about who they would like to hire. Furthermore; They can send messages to candidates and hire employees.
  • For Facebook: Users will spend more and more time on facebook because they can switch between regular and professional profiles anytime, socialize, network and search jobs all in one place; which consequently means more advertisement of companies and more revenue leading to maximum profit!
  • For linkedin: they can look in dismay! how they didn’t themselves think about introducing a new feature of just a Regular Social profile that allows connections with friends and family :D

Let’s Talk About “Plus”, Baby!

A Review of Google+ in a Nutshell :
  •  Profile: You get the stream of posts where you can share status updates, pics, videos and what’s not! Sounds familiar? You bet! Nothing new there! You can check specific updates and personal info about your friends.
  • Circles is a pretty cool feature where you can customize numbers of circles of friends in different groups by dragging and dropping. When you share, you can choose which circle you are sharing with.  Looks and feels great and more user friendly than lists on twitter or creating friend lists on Facebook. Each shared item on the stream got the +1 button which is similar to “like” on Facebook.
  • Spark: it is based on interests which is a bit unique in the sense that you can add interests by searching in your search bar what you are interested in. Then, you can click on any interest and see latest of different contents like articles and books about it. Probably this feature is about generating info to target you for advertisements. Makes sense and innovative!
  • Hang out: best of all and coolest yet! The suggestion is to use it to contact friends as to decide via live stream video on where and when to go or to “Hang out”. Kind of a new way to create events but not really! You can create a hang out any time and friends can join and leave anytime. This feature will probably be used to chat or to see live reactions when you share a video or picture. 
  • Google+ bar seem to disappear when scrolling down. It is used for notification. Many are asking that it should freeze on top and have +1 button.
  • What’s great about Google+ is that you get your email , calendar, and other things all in one place so you don’t have to log out and in in other places.
The previous description is based on my friends reviews and my understanding. On future posts, you’ll get my feedback on the pro and cons and is it worth it to switch or use anyways!
Feel free to leave a comment :) 

Suggestions to Charitubl, a better than Groupon company that will Rock our world!!

My suggestion on how to make Charitubl Rock even more! upon request of @mikeclemente, Co-founder of Charitubl.

Charitubl is similar to Groupon in getting an opportunity  to buy a deal or try a business but without the ugly mess of discounting businesses! It actually allow users to purchase an opportunity while promoting a good cause and spreading awareness of charities, big and small. An all around good for all ends kind of  dealing:

  • Users can get an opportunity to try a business or purchase a deal while supporting one of the featured charities!
  • Businesses will also have an opportunity to be featured and advertised in a good social responsible light!
  • Charities get donations and by featuring them on Charitubl , awareness is spread!

Enjoy being part of this sociall responsible company for making the web a better place for businesses, people and charities! Bravo, Charitubl!  Actually, I might even purchase random deals just because I like to help and I’m sure many might feel the same way!

Since I like to help Start-Ups, my suggestion to Charitubl are as follows:

  1. Add the FourSquare Element of receiving badges! People like to brag about themselves in achieving higher levels of whatever the case is! So, why not allow them to seek higher levels of social responsibility every time they purchase through your website. and then, they can share their badges of goodness on their social sphere of influence like Facebook, Twitter, blogs ….Etc. This way , Charitubl as well as charities will be promoted through all the sharing!
  2. Another suggestion would be: The more badges the user receives,  the more super special offers  s/he can get. This way it is not only about bragging of being a pro-good cause but actually getting some value in return. It’s all about feeling Special and who doesn’t like to feel special?!
  3. Let the users create profiles and track favorite charities so they will be encouraged to buy an opportunity just for  the sake of benefiting their favorite charity. Friends can be invited also to buy that deal because that user will be announcing that it is a favorite. An icon of heart or favoritism near each charity featured box can be added for example, and automatically email alerts will be sent in the future.

Thank You for reading :) Feel free to  leave comments even random ones are welcome!

Make It Better, Facebook!

Facebook managed to be a cool social place for long but recently if you like pages, you get lost on your wall because of so many postings of pages you “liked” . As for me, I started to unlike and hide posts because I feel bombarded. But, sometimes I do want to check the postings of those pages when I’m in the mood for it! I Don’t want to go everyday and hide some posts and then unlike some pages even though I might like them tomorrow.

It will be sad to lose interest in checking my friends posts daily because those liked pages don’t stop. Facebook is becoming an uncool commercial place! I like twitter more because I can create a list and check their tweets without having to check everybody’s tweet. Twitter is cooler in focusing on making it personable.

         Facebook can make it better and keep it a cool place by splitting the wall into columns or creating page breaks. Or, they can have tabs of multiple walls! On One side or tab, we should get friends updates and postings and on the other are the pages updates and posting of pages “liked” while pages shared by friends can either have another tab or appear on friends update but once I like that page, its postings should appear in the pages updates sections.  If that was implemented, Facebook will get those benefits:

  • Facebook will be cool again! it will refocus again on the social aspect that made it a great place to begin with
  • We as users will not unlike pages after we like them so Facebook advertising will be of more value.
  • Everything will be organized and great looking.

If you like my idea please tweet it and share it on Facebook!

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